About Me

Make yourself heard!

Sprinkle your projects with a zest of emotion, a cloud of nuances, a lot of style and all this thanks to my complete range of services and my know-how, the quality of my achievements.

Who is Brian W Carmack?

Brian is a professional Voice Actor providing the voice of choice for brands across the spectrum.

His background in communication, marketing, digital media and education coupled with his military background are 10+ years of leadership in the theatre, the military, and schools.

Brian tirelessly pursues excellence in all endeavors he takes on.

My forces

A multilingual catalog of voices

Editorial adaptation of content and visuals for audio

A single point of contact with personalized follow-up

A large production capacity

Books I have read


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I absolutely can! Brianwcarmack  is a full-service voice-over studio that offers everything to make your project production easier

It depends on the scope of your project as well as the suite of services you might need to go along with the recording itself. 

You don't have to worry about the security of your audio files, we deliver the files to you via secure transfer or if you are working in our studios we are happy to deliver them to you on a portable device such as a hard drive or stick USB that you bring to the session.