Sound, a sign like the others?

Just like words and colors, voices, sounds, music, noises carry symbols and meaning and have their own semiology.

Meaning and signified of sound

In marketing, the signifiers used in communications (shapes, colors, words, etc.) are carefully chosen for the meaning they convey. Each element carries a particular intention that will contribute to the meaning of the message sent. This is the case, for example, for the creation of a logo: the colors, graphic symbols and fonts are selected to serve the name and the universe of the brand.

In a podcast, the voice is the main vector of the message. But all sound forms also participate: musical instruments and sound effects, which are just as significant. As for a graphic creation, these elements must be thought out and assembled with relevance to participate in creating an atmosphere in line with your intentions.

The Stratégie Podcast agency places the semiology of sounds at the heart of its work to create sound designs for podcasts. Each sound element must be consistent with the positioning of the podcast and bring added value to the content.

“Music is organized sound, but the organization must include the unexpected or it will be emotionally flat and robotic. »Daniel Levitin 

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